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Truth and Integrity are the Bricks and Mortar of our Foundation

Quality Construction Services & Real Estate Development since 1981

EMMA Corporation was formed in 1981 and incorporated in 1984. EMMA Corporation has continuously provided experienced and quality construction services to the Southern California communities for more than 31 years. EMMA Corporation is proud to be one of the most trusted construction companies in the city of Los Angeles.

EMMA Corporation has since expanded greatly, putting more of its resources into the residential real estate market, finding huge success in the several houses it has developed and continually expanding within the field.

We have expended a tremendous amount of time and energy to build a solid foundation for a prosperous construction. Truth and integrity are the bricks and mortar of our foundation. Trust and genuine respect for clients are the major elements of this foundation. We truly believe in communication and collaboration. It is through partnering, clear communication and close coordination with our clients that we achieve the mutual goal of delivering a quality project on schedule and within budget. Our success stems from our internal team of diverse professionals, and we all take great pride in building quality projects.

Our Recent Projects


Santa Barbara Airport

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Amalfi Residential Project

Project Name: Amalfi Residential Project Owner: Amalfi One, LLC Architect: Architecture West, Inc. Description: Construction of a 10,000 square foot...Read More
Great Program Desalter Project Sized

Desalter Plant in Oxnard

Project Name: Great Program Desalter Project Owner: City of Oxnard Architect: Mainstreet Architects + Partners, Inc. Description: Construction of a...Read More

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